Grounding Standoffs

Grounding Standoffs

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Grounding Standoffs are specifically designed to be used within steel as well as aluminum chassis to the ground printed circuit boards. These standoffs are designed by incorporating projecting teeth to ensure reliable and strong electrical conductivity having the board’s circuitry. They are designed in a precise manner to eliminate the need of any additional hardware. They are available in the proven designs that can be easily installed with a squeeze in correctly sized round holes. They permanently mount in the thin sheet and clinch into steel or aluminum chassis. On the other hand, the gripping teeth on the opposite end of the products tightly contact mating PC board. They are widely used where it is critical to attain electrical conductivity between a printed circuit board and thru-hole standoff.

Features of Grounding Standoffs:

  • Can be easily squeezed into properly sized hole that are drilled or punched
  • Force of insertion between 1500 and 2000 pounds is needed
  • Ensure to provide excellent electrical contact
  • Push-out performance from 290 to 380 pounds is required