Concealed Head Studs

Concealed Head Studs

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These Concealed Head Studs are ideal to create permanent mounting in a range of metal sheets as thin as .062 in. They are available with a durable head that is locked securely in a blind hole. They are designed to handle substantial loads with concealed-head feature. In addition, their head also allows the side of the sheet to stay opposite to the installation to remain smooth.

The preparation of the sheet is very simple that requires a milled blind hole. The hole should be done in the recommended minimum depth. The center-cutting end mills are available of the concealed-head studs. Just place the head of the fastener in the hole to ensure easy insertion using any standard press. The displaced sheet metal ensures smooth flow around the head.

Features of Concealed Head Studs:

  • Available with the min. sheet thickness of .062 in
  • Blind mounting hole diameter is .213 in
  • Easy to install using simple pressing methods
  • No abrasion and rust for years to come