Concealed Head Standoffs

Concealed Head Standoffs

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Concealed Head Standoffs are designed from high quality stainless steel standoffs to ensure to provide reliable and permanent mounting in a range of metal sheets having the thickness of 0.062 in. (1.6mm). Their fastener head is properly and securely locked in a blind milled hole. They are designed to handle and manage substantial loads. In addition, their head allows the side opposite fitting to remain even and unmarred. They can be easily and permanently installed in any kin d of steel or aluminum sheets to provide strong as well as reusable threads in a wide range of assembly applications. One side installation can be easily done to serve the demands of ingress protection, where the sheet should be remained completely sealed from liquid, air, dust, gases, etc.

Applications of Concealed Head Standoffs:

  • Used in non-visible installation
  • Rating plates
  • Front panels
  • Laminated keyboards

Features of Concealed Head Standoffs:

  • Require only a blind milled hole of recommended size and depth
  • Allow permanent mounting in any thin metal sheet
  • Can be pressed permanently into any blind milled hole
  • No need of marring of the exterior surface