Clinch Fasteners

Clinch Fasteners

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Clinch Fasteners are threaded devices that are pressed into ductile metal to relocate the host material just about the mounting hole to make it flow into a particularly designed annular recess. These fasteners are ideal to prevent rotation in the host material after they are installed. They have become the everlasting part of the chassis, bracket, or any other item.With compact and portable design, they take less space and need fewer assembly operations. They are also available with better reusability and extra holding power if compared to any other kind of sheet metal screws. They are primarily used where superior enclosure as well as torque loads is needed in sheet metal. Moreover, they provide secure fastening to the thin sheets. They are highly economical fasteners available with gauge able threads. In addition, they can be installed during final assembly as well as fabrication to eradicate loose hardware. They support thinner sheet metals owing to their compact design as well as low profile. Besides this, they also provide fine and neat appearance.

Features of Clinch Fasteners:

  • Provide strong threads along with better attachment in metal
  • Can be installed using any parallel force
  • Resistant to high push out as well as torque-out
  • Need no special hole preparation like chamfering and deburring